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Cassius Cuvée

& Poppin Crypto

Cassius Cuvée is a recording artist from Oakland, CA. He is the first artist to ever make a music video NFT. His art is a reflection of his life. The pandemic gave him an opportunity to learn about finance and he ended up making a viral music video "Spac Dream" which landed him on CNBC just 3 days after its release. He subsequently discovered crypto and immediately realized blockchain technology and decentralization are the future.

Now that he understands the extreme value of financial literacy, he is making it his mission to bring awareness to members of his community who historically have not had any exposure to finance. He is doing this through his art, having fun, and by being outspoken. He has a vast understanding of Web 3.0 and many relationships with individuals in the industry, and he is going to bring that knowledge to the mainstream.  


 Our company covers the future of Technology in the Blockchain and more. Our goal is to be a leader in Blockchain, Music & Metaverse sector for being a trusted source. From single individuals to the largest audiences –] we want everyone to monetize and maneuver safely in the digital space and beyond.


The vision of our company is the provide high-quality content, assets, and education to viewers across the world. We are a team of crypto and metaverse enthusiasts determined to educate the masses on the importance of these tools for our bright future.

NFT is the new wave and it's here to stay. You can finally create and monetize your work online and in the metaverse. We can advise you on how to create your own NFTs for your brand. Select the best NFT platforms and why. Teach you how to monetize assets and why it holds value. 


The key to the metaverse is the NFT. Inside the metaverse, we'll teach you how to purchase or sell digital real estate. How to profit from owning digital real estate and the utility behind the projects.  

NFTs & Digital Real Estate

Crypto Services

Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the finance world, improving and disrupting old institution thinking. With our service, you will learn about the best exchanges & swaps in the market to gain share. Of course, protecting those assets along the way with crypto wallets and other forms of crypto storage. 

We love Defi and Staking is one best vehicles to safely earn high-interest APY% on your crypto. We'll explain this and our other Web 3.0, services like blockchain domains, AR / VR Tech, and play-to-earn games. Book a meeting with us.

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