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Poppin Crypto Show

Welcome to the Poppin Crypto Show, a crypto & culture web series. Hosted by Cassius Cuvée, he interviews high-level guests who are either founder of projects or experts in the crypto / Web 3.0 industry. Included in each show, Cassius spits a custom rap about the show's topic to set the tone. This creative approach and manner allow guests to easily digest complex topics. These hot topics include NFTs, Metaverse, investing/trading strategies, GameFi, domain names, and Web 3.0 in general. 

The show’s purpose is to combine entertainment with education of Web 3.0 innovation concisely, in a format that is friendly to viewers who are new to crypto but interested in learning, while at the same time digging deep into projects that are cutting edge that captures the attention of the biggest crypto enthusiasts. We also explore and expand the different ways you can create positive streams of income using crypto, minting, and Defi strategies. 

Poppin Crypto

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